Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Latest Project

I've never posted here on anything approaching a consistent basis. I write about the Civil War when the mood strikes, and sometimes I go a long time between moods. Lately, it's been hard to get in the mood to do any kind of blogging, what with my work schedule and Twitter addiction, and all.

For a while, I attempted to do a this day in history thing, detailing events that happened on whatever day 150 years ago. That was fun and might someday be turned into a different sort of project, but it got me away from what I know best: the Civil War history all around me in Chattanooga.

My latest project is to start a new blog that focuses exclusively on Chattanooga's Civil War story and its many facets. This blog is going to go into a somewhat permanent hibernation and all of the relevant Chattanooga entries will gradually be transferred to the new blog, Chattanooga's Civil War. I hope to see you there...

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